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The Online Architect for BI, Data & Analytics

Is it difficult for your organization to build up reliable knowledge in a timely manner? While you need that knowledge to grow your organization or to make a social impact. While these issues are so important, especially for a data & analytics provider like your company is. Without this data, you run the risk of losing market share and to lose the trust of your data consumers.

A Data Analytics Audit provides you with an immediate advantage compared to hiring a BI Architect. A data architect needs training before it is able to deliver value. While our (digital) Data Analytics Audit is reliable ánd can be immediately deployed.

You have two options for starting a data analyse audit:

  • Or you can hire a BI Architect (ZZP). The experience is often that it only provides value for your organization after the consultant is settled in.
  • Or you can have a Data Analytics Audit (digitally) performed. This will give you will immediate results.

The Online architect

The Data Analytics Audit program has been specially developed by Wisdom as a Service to give you step-by-step insight into what it takes to realize your ‘Data Analytics’ ambitions.

Within the program we use our own solution The Online Architect. With various scans the software provides insight into your organization. It is a solution that guarantees a pragmatic approach. The results from the scan is displayed in ‘Cockpits’, which you might know from the aircraft. The results also show how you can incorporate changes into your company and how these will help you to efficiently and effectively achieve your ambition level. Which is why achieving your (data) ambitions is key to us.

With ‘The Online Architect’ you follow the ‘Best Practices’ and current standards so that your organization is able to further develop into a flexible and value-driven organization. For all our knowledge and the development of our solutions, we use a solid network of BI Architects.


  • Independent advice
  • Insight into cohesion of processes, communication and technology
  • Coherence between the vision of your organization and the data strategy
  • Not a meaningless report, but filled with pragmatic, goal-oriented solutions
  • Risk analysis of the current situation

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, we offer you with various packages that give you insight into the various sub-areas. This will result in targeted solutions (quick wins) and predictable processes.

Options for scans

You can choose between the following options for different types of scans.

Quick Data Solutions Scan

The Quick Data Solutions Scan gives you free insight into your current project or organization on the most important company-aspects. This scan will present you with the best results when applied to an already running (data) project.

The aspects covered in this scan are:

  • Agile:
    • Decision-making, objectives, disciplines
  • Infrastructure:
    • Scalability, technology, market standards
  • Tooling:
    • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load (of data))

Data Analytics Solutions Scan

The Data Analytics Solutions Scan provides you with insights into an implemented BI solution or a solution that is still under development. This ‘Solutions Scan’ provides you with more information about the feasibility of your vision and the expectations of the organization regarding:

  • Future-results;
  • Scalability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Market compliance.

The Data Solutions Scan is a technical audit focused on the resilience and future-proofing of the solution of your company.

Data Analytics Compliance Scan

The Data Analytics Compliance Scan is our most comprehensive scan. Thanks to this scan, you can adjust on the ‘Non’ compliant KPI’s (such as Privacy). And you can check on the efficiency of your ‘Data Analytics’ environment.

It’s also a roadmap to help your organization deliver predictable analytics.

The Data Analytics Compliance Scan includes the following Dashboards:

  1. Ambitions
  2. Law & Regulations
  3. Efficiency
  4. Culture
  5. Security
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Method


Depending on your selection, the plan for your scan includes the following standard components:

Number of questions These are the amount of questions that will be asked through our portal to different people in your organization
Interviews Teams/ Skype interviews naar aanleiding van analyse op de bovenstaande vragen
Interactive dashboard This is a web page in which the results are displayed in the form of a cockpit. This cockpit offers 5 performance indicators with explanations. Depending on the package, we offer 1 or more cockpits. These cockpits can be used for one year. After that, we advise you to run the scan again.
PDF This is static output about the questions asked.
Number of KPI’s These indicators measure the current situation compared to your ambition level and are shown in the interactive dashboard.
Bottlenecks Are indicated with the KPI when the score is below average
Advice proposition A roadmap on how to get from the current situation to the desired situation


Quick Data Scan Data Analytics Solution Scan Data Analytics Compliance Scan
Number of questions 25 100 200
Interviews 3 6
Interactive dashboard + +
PDF + + +
Number of Cockpits* 4 8
Number of KPI’s** 5 20 40
Bottlenecks + + +
Advice proposition +
Consultancy days 2
Price in Euro’s Free € 2000 € 4000
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