Data Vault Generator

Get more value out of your Data Warehouse with the Data Vault Accelerator

Is your organization dealing with long process times to realize BI products? Or does your organization get too little value from the Data Warehouse? Then the Data Vault Accelerator is the solution to help you solve these problems.

These are the advantages of the Data Vault Accelerator at a glance:

  • Template Based Development
  • Predictability
  • Standardization
  • Off to a flying start
  • GDPR/ AVG Ready
Data Warehouse Automation

Template based development

The Data Vault Accelerator works with Template Based Development. Which means it offers the BI Developer a standardized way of working. This reduces the routine work in developing ETL processes (Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data). The templates that are generated by the Accelerator software allows the developer to fully focus on unlocking the source systems.

This has three advantages. The developer is able to fully focus on delivering business value from the Data Warehouse. It prevents him/ her from having to deal with other matters such as error handling, logging and auditing of the ETL processes. And finally the templates of the Data Vault Generator enforce standardization, making it easy to oversee the whole process and to avoid mistakes.


The Data Vault Accelerator is a tool for generating and expanding a standardized Data Warehouse. In contrast to the previous BI Architectures, the Data Vault architecture is flexible, scalable and can be used for both relational sources (databases) and non-relational source.

In traditional Data Warehousing (also known as Kimball Architecture), developers devise BI/DWH processes and develop them immediately when the business asks them to do so. That sounds very nice, but because of this freedom, the complexity accumulates and the processes are no longer maintainable and transferable.

We have come up with a solution for this with the Data Vault Generator. We cut out this complexity through generated templates, allowing the developers to focus solely on the essentials. Namely unlocking and transforming data from business processes. Result: the ‘time to market’ is significantly reduced and value is delivered to the organization faster.


With the Data Vault Accelerator you do not have to reinvent the wheel, the chance of errors is reduced and BI developers are optimally deployed. That is efficient and your Data Warehouse is therefore controllable/auditable. A win-win situation.

Off to a flying start

You get off to a flying start, because our products are immediately ready to use. By this we mean that you can get to work immediately after the installation to get more business value from the Data Warehouse. You deliver more end-products in less time.

GDPR Ready

The Data Vault Accelerator complies with the GDPR legislation. All personal data can be easily anonymized in our software without loss of valuable registrations. This is possible due to the simple data structure that we have applied. And that is not intended for the techies, but is intended to support the business in getting as much value as possible from their data.

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