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Data & demand driven

Nowadays there is more and more demand for data & demand-driven organizations. Data is therefore becoming increasingly important. With this information, you know how your organization is performing and what your ambitions might be for the future. Without reliable data, you cannot answer those questions. While you increasingly experience that your BI team is not delivering on time. Your customers lose trust and as a result BI in your organization gets a poor reputation.

In addition, you notice that the delivered reports of your company are no longer meeting the demands of the organization. As a result, your organization is no longer data & demand driven and you cannot expand your business. Now what?

Data Warehouse Solution

Wisdom as a Service provides the expertise and tools to quickly and without unpleasant surprises realize a (cloud) Data Warehouse. Subsequently, we can jointly get Business Intelligence at the level at which the organization will work data-driven.

The results for your information management will be:

  • Transparent
  • Predictable
  • Future proof
Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation from Wisdom as a Service enables your organization to focus on creating value from information. It reduces repetitive patterns in developers’ work so that they can focus on translating information into knowledge. We offer you several options to automate your Data Warehouse.

Depending on your budget and the size of your organization, we offer consultancy for implementing Data Warehouse Automation. We do this with the help of our partners and the products they offer.

The table below shows the products we support.

Products WhereScape Red & 3D Data Vault Generator BIML FLEX
Supplier WhereScape Wisdom as a Service Varigence
Pricing in euro’s – – ++ +
Code generation + + +
Model-driven approach +
Documentation (Data Dictionary, Data Definitions and Data Translations)
Suitable for the Cloud + + +
Suitable for different types of databases + +
Data virtualization + +
Adding new patterns + +
Implementation speed +
Distributed Setup + + +
Data Vault 2.0 + +
Data Lineage + +

Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization makes it possible to integrate ‘near realtime’ data. Traditional Data Warehouses use replication techniques (ETL) to copy data over and over. As a result, data is not immediately available to the end user. Data Virtualization reduces the storage and replication steps required to make information available. Virtualization results in a short delivery time of information products (Data Marts & Reports). This reduces costs and gains you trust.

Wisdom as a Service helps you implement Data Virtualization. The choice is yours: do you want to use the existing techniques or special Data Virtualization programs that can be supplied by our partners of by our own software.

Products Databases Denodo
Disconnect +
Realtime data +
Semi / unstructured data + ++
Data Lineage ++
Data Warehouse Automation Integration + +
Implementation +
Security + ++



Wisdom as a Service supports you in standardizing your information management. And we ensure that your Data Architecture meets the best practices of our time. This prevents your Development Team from having to reinvent the wheel themselves, thus creating technical instability within the Data Warehouse.

In addition to using best practices, we work model and demand-driven. This means that the information need within your organization translates into a logical demand-driven data model. This model provides a clear answer to the information need of your organization. By standardization we mean the preparation of information provision for legislation and regulations such as:

  • SOX
  • BASEL (1,2)
  • BCBPS 239

Platform choice

An information household that complies with automation, standardization and virtualization requires an engine with sufficient power and manpower to operate this engine. We, at Wisdom as a Service, are eager to support you with the right choice of platform.

Any Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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