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Information facilities in the Cloud

Are you running into long implementation times for your IT department? Are your IT suppliers charging high initial costs for implementation? Or are certain technological ideas blocked by IT?

As a result, it ensures that your company cannot respond sufficiently to the market, misses opportunities to build a technological lead over your competitors and ultimately lacks the potential to grow.

Wisdom as a Service helps you solve these problems by moving your in-house IT infrastructure to the Cloud. We continuously adapt these to the needs of your organization. In this way you can adapt your IT needs where necessary without being limited.

If you decide to move into the cloud, this will also reduce the costs for your IT-management and the purchase of your current IT infrastructure.

Converting the in-house infrastructure of your IT services to the Cloud will provide you with the following benefits:

Pay as you Go

You only pay for what you use. No costs will be incurred if you do not use the cloud components. This means that there are no costs in advance (CAPEX) and therefore only operational costs (OPEX) are applicable.

Scale Out

In environments where IT infrastructure is physically present, you can only scale (expand) if your company buys more memory, hard drives or machines. Unfortunately, this physical infrastructure is limited in terms of storage, memory, and computation speed. In addition, with in-house IT infrastructure, it is not possible to downsize. The IT infrastructure has already been purchased, which means that certain costs have already been made. When you start working in the Cloud, these limitations disappear and you can expand or shrink accordingly to your needs within minutes. This contraction and expansion can be done on a monthly, daily or even hourly basis, if necessary.

Reducing implementation time

In the Cloud, scaling up disk space, computing power or memory is a matter of ‘at the push of a button’. This avoids waiting for IT, which often means valuable time. The speed of the Cloud increases your reaction speed, which is necessary in a rapidly innovating market.

In order to optimally support you with your issues regarding the conversion of your information provision in the Cloud, we have the following services available for you:

DevOps Coaching

The current growing and changing market requires your organization to provide customers with the correct information in a timely manner. To achieve this, you need an information system that can adapt quickly. This requires not only a flexible infrastructure but also a multidisciplinary team with multidisciplinary processes. New (IT) products or services enter the market quickly.

Wisdom as a Service supports your organization with this “mind shift”. We coach the teams so that they are flexible and agile in the changing market. Therefore we offer DevOps coaching; we believe that both development (Development) and management (Operations) of applications both belong together in one team and should be offered in order to provide predictable products and services.

After following our DevOps coaching, your team will be able to:

  1. Communicate with each other in an efficient manner;
  2. Making use of (new) Cloud technologies;
  3. Remain focused on creating and continuing value.
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