About Us

About us – Data is our world

At Wisdom as a Service BI and analytics are our field of expertise. We are specialists in designing and building data warehouses, whether or not in the cloud. In setting up BI environments and realizing dashboards and reports. In reviewing, auditing and optimizing existing environments. And in the recovery of stalled BI and data warehouse projects.

We do this for various types of companies. Think of organizations that want to build up or expand BI facilities based on a business strategy. But also companies that want to test, optimize or put their existing BI facilities in the cloud. Our consultants will visit you and discuss your needs with you. Our analysis software will determine exactly which objectives best suit your business strategy.


We developed two software solutions ourselves: The Online Architect and the Data Vault Generator. The Online Architect is a solution in which we provide you with insight into your data through scans and audits. The Data Vault Generator helps you if for example your organization has long lead times to realize BI products. Or when you get too little value out of your Data Warehouse. Our Data Vault Generator will help you solve these problems.

About the founder

The founder, Erik van der Hoeven, has developed these products himself and is, naturally, very proud of it. Erik has been working in the world of data, BI and Data warehousing for over 15 years. Nowadays he works as a BI Specialist/ consultant for well-known organizations such as the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service), RABO Bank and Europool. Eric has one purpose in mind. Erik: “I want to lift organizations to a higher level. Make them more mature. But sometimes it is also questionable if an organization dares to give the technology that responsibility. Do they dare to be so vulnerable?”

About the company

Wisdom as a Service is a network organization in the field of data management and analytics. We work either directly or with partners for larger, data-intensive organizations. Erik works for his projects with a permanent team of freelance consultants, IT experts and developers. They meet regularly and have a close relationship. All employees are enthusiastic, inquisitive and above all, a positive atmosphere is important. While at the same time communication towards the customer is particularly important. We always make sure that you, our customer, knows what we are working on and where we are in the process. We are transparent, predictable and always in touch with you.

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